Contrary to the opinion of Jeff Toorish, I am proud to put my full support behind Gary Foster in House District 109.

Gary has proved to me that he is a person of integrity and commitment who will serve the citizens of District 109 well in Augusta. He has an extensive record of community service and is currently serving in his sixth year on the board of ecomaine, where he attends monthly meetings at his own expense. On numerous occasions, he has shown courage in supporting issues that seemed unpopular at the time. For example, as former chairman of the Gray Town Council he stood in favor of protecting the rights of land owners, and he most recently joined other citizens in getting the tax initiative on the ballot.

Gary’s principals are founded on his studies of the Constitution. If that makes him an extremist, then I suggest that Mr. Toorish needs to refresh his knowledge of the history of the founding of our great country. Were it not for the “extremists” in colonial times, there is a high probability that neither he nor I would be free to express our views publicly.

One need only to meet and talk to Gary personally to know that the negative comments made by Mr. Toorish are not based on fact, but rather some distorted view that he would like us to believe.

Darla Hamlin
North Yarmouth

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