My Town Council colleagues and I unanimously passed a resolution asking CMP to refrain from installing “smart meters” and related equipment for a minimum of 90 days, and to participate in several public forums here in Scarborough.

I want to be clear; this action does not mean the Town Council is taking a position on the use of smart meters at this time. It specifically means that we want to be sure our citizens have the opportunity to ask questions and understand the implications of this issue before any effort is made to implement any plan to install them in our community.

I was pleased to read CMP appears eager to meet with Scarborough residents “as soon as possible.” I appreciate their willingness to accommodate our request. CMP provides a vital service to our citizens and we appreciate all they do, but the smart meter program deserves more public discussion. I have every reason to believe CMP will honor our resolution. An informed citizenry serves all our interest and provides CMP an excellent opportunity to help us understand this new technology.

The smart meter implementation will establish a town-wide wireless network to support this program. The wireless transmission will take place in the public environment within our town including our neighborhoods. This is a complicated issue with potentially widespread implications that can’t now be fully appreciated or understood, but will be through several question-and-answer forums attended by citizens and stakeholders alike.

Town Councilor Mike Wood