Michigan Republican to try to unseat party’s leader

A prominent Michigan Republican is running against party chairman Michael Steele.

Saul Anuzis made his plans known Friday in an e-mail in which he says the party can win in 2012 only if the chairman steps out of the limelight and allows the candidates to become the voice and face of Republicans.

That’s a slap at Steele, who has generated controversy repeatedly in his tenure as party chairman. Steele has not said whether he will seek re-election in January.

Anuzis also says Republicans will need to rebuild trust with major donors. He’s the former head of the Michigan Republican Party. He ran a losing race for the national chairmanship two years ago.

Among those also being mentioned as a possible candidate for the national post is Connecticut GOP Chairman Chris Healy.


Ticket bought at porn shop pays off; church to benefit

A group of friends and family is obscenely rich after winning a nearly $129 million jackpot with a lottery ticket bought at a Detroit-area porn shop. And some of the money will be devoted to sacred purposes.

Mike Greer, a member of the group, came forward Friday to claim the Powerball winnings on behalf of the others, who chose to remain anonymous. Greer — who said only that the group has more than two members and fewer than 100 — indicated some of the riches will be going to a church.

“The only thing I can assume is that the Lord trusted us to do certain things with the money that he bestowed upon us,” he said. “That’s the only thing that I can gather.”

Greer said he didn’t buy the ticket himself and doesn’t know whether it was purchased inside the Uptown Bookstore or at its outside, walk-up lottery window. And he said that among the group’s members, “nobody cares” where it was bought.

Greer, 49, of Farmington Hills, said he is self-employed in the digital imaging business. He said most of the others are from the Detroit metropolitan area.


— From news service reports