I have been reading Edgar Allen Beem’s columns for a while now, and have disagreed with him on most political things that he says. I do, however, respect his right to say anything. There have been times when I wanted to respond, but didn’t for various reasons. Now, however, I find I must respond, not to Mr. Beem’s column, but to the letter from Muriel Kruppa.

In her letter, she states: “It’s amazing to me that there are people, like those who are anti-Beem, who have their heads in the sand. If you don’t like what he says, don’t read it, just as I’m not going to read anything by Glenn Beck or Sarah Palin.”

Talk about keeping your head in the sand. How can anyone with opposing views have a dialog if they don’t listen to each other? This is exactly what is missing in today’s America. We don’t listen to each other. If we think we don’t agree with someone, we stop listening. But, Ms. Kruppa, maybe if you listened to everyone, you would find that some of their ideas are useful, just as I sometimes find Mr. Beem’s. We have for too long been divided by what we think everyone one else thinks, while never stopping to know.

So, keep writing Mr. Beem. I will keep reading, and I will find good ideas sometimes, and sometimes I won’t, but I always will read. See, I believe that everyone has the right to be heard, not just those with whom I agree.

Joseph Perry

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