Here are the latest donations to the Bruce Roberts Toy Fund:

Previously acknowledged: $54,899.54 

Margaret Groban $100

Alexandra Wilkins $20

Wendy Goodwin $100

In memory of Harry Burnham — Ted Baltas Jr. $100

In memory of Grandma, Gammy, Papa and Bobby — Robert Davis $100

In honor of Francis Madeira — Roxana Pratt $50

Mike and Theresa Mercier $100

William Wells $100

Richard and Lynne Gammon $100

In memory of Foxy $10

In memory of Josephine Pizzo Mills — Jeffrey A. Mills $25

In memory of Gama $100

In loving memory of Amos Sturgeon, from his wife Marjorie and family $50

In memory of Grampy Jim — Barbara Towers $50

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Corbin $100

Anonymous $100

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Olfene $50

Prentiss and Leslie Weiss $36

In memory of those no longer with us $100

Rick and Cathy Kostelnik $500

In honor of Orthopaedic Associates Centers for Orthopaedics — Mary Borelli Bean $200

In memory of R.J. Fissmer — Leslie Fissmer $100

In memory of Patricia M. Talbot — Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Talbot $25

In honor of James Ward. Merry Christmas! — Jill, Ched, Michael and Nicholas $100

Today’s total: $2,316

Total to date: $57,215.54