Season’s greetings! How’s it goin’? Waddaya know?
Tempus fugit, but where does it go?
2010 is petering out,
So we thought we’d give Forecaster folk a shout.

Happy holidays to the Fundy Road crew:
Emily, Amy, Heather, Kate and Baby Mac, too,
Catherine, Chuck, Megan & Deni,
Cynthia, Suzanne. Did I forget any?

Of course, Stephanie, Randy, Bill, Alex, what ho!
And muchas gracias, David, Karen, Michael & Mo!
This is a time to be of good cheer
As we herald the end of an up and down year.

In 2011, we’ll turn a whole new LePage,
The meaning of which is still hard to gauge.
Perhaps the tea party will finally sway us,
Or plunge the state into total chaos.

But for now, let’s declare an uneasy truce
With Pete the Carpenter, Pem/Melvin and Bruce
Poliquin, Tarren Bragdon, Bill Beardsley, Kafir,
And the Boys from Bristol who have the Gov’s ear.

Let the bon temps roll, the wine flow freely
For Shauna Gillies-Smith & Jaime Gili,
Lauren Fensterstock, Aaron Stephan; and let us embrace
The brilliance of Ahmed Alsoudani and Pandora LaCasse.

Let’s go, you Black Bears, Red Claws, Sea Dogs, Pirates,
Calamity Janes, Maine Freeze (no shrinking violets),
Huskies, Patriots, Sox, Bruins, Celts!
Champions all. We expect nothing else!

We all love winners. Yes, we do.
Like Tom Brady, Liv Tyler, and Roxanne Q.,
Jetsetter Donald Sussman, his afianced Chellie,
Anna Kendrick, Alex Carleton, Susan Grisanti Kelley.

Toast the beautiful people! May you never change!
Libby Mitchell, Eliot Cutler, Austin Ainge,
Seth Wescott, Bob Marley, Mark Bessire,
Kevin Salatino, Andy Verzosa, and Joanie dear!

Finally, a moment of silence for those set free:
David Becker, Dodge Morgan, Tim White, Shep Lee.
We salute you through our grief and our tears.
May your lives shine on in the coming years!

But enough of this unmetered rhyme,
This doggerel verse. We’ve run out of time.
There’s shopping to do. Gotta get to the mall.
Happy New Year, dear readers! Merry Christmas to all!

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Freelance journalist Edgar Allen Beem lives in Yarmouth. The Universal Notebook is his personal, weekly look at the world around him.

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