The Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation is seeking fishermen interested in participating in its ghost lobster gear recovery program.

The foundation received $200,000 from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation’s  Gulf of Maine Environmental Compliance and Protection Fund for a two-year program to recover and dispose of derelict lobster gear along the coast.

Informational meetings are scheduled for 6 p.m. in the following western lobster zones: Jan. 10 in Zone D at the Rockland Ferry Terminal, Jan. 11 in Zone F at the Log Cabin in Yarmouth, Jan. 12 in Zone E at the Lincoln County Communications Center in Wiscasset and Jan . 13 in Zone G at the Masonic Hall, Kennebunkport.

In late February, 10 fishermen in each zone will recover derelict lobster traps for two days in each of the four zones.

Last year a similar effort in the three eastern lobster zones recovered more than 1,110 traps in six days.
Ghost gear causes damage to mobile gear and poses hazards to navigation and lobster fishing.
More information is available on the foundation web site at