Joan Nathan, known for her cookbooks and PBS series on Jewish cooking in America, has published a fascinating book about her search for Jewish cooking in France. “Quiches, Kugels and Couscous” (Alfred A. Knopf, $39.95) is incredibly well researched. Nathan spent most of her time in Paris, interviewing Jewish chefs, shopkeepers and home cooks who shared their family recipes.

Many traditional recipes are dying out with older generations, she notes, and young people are spending less time cooking. In this impressive book, Nathan traces the history of Jews in France and salvages dishes in danger of disappearing. She cooks with different families she meets, and shares the stories behind each recipe.

No matter what your heritage, you’ll want to try dishes like the Rosh Hashanah chicken with cinnamon and apples or the old recipe for Provencal lamb with garlic and olives.