Here are the latest donations to the Bruce Roberts Toy Fund:


Previously acknowledged: $156,100.89

Portland Press Herald Printing and Distribution Center, annual 50/50 proceeds $200

AAA Energy Services Co., Matching Donation $510

Aaron Thibodeau, AAA Energy Service Co. $25

Beth Roberts, AAA Energy Service Co. $5

Dan Kelley, AAA Energy Service Co. $150

David Kelley, AAA Energy Service Co. $100

Judy MacDonald, AAA Energy Service Co. $50

Ken Fish, AAA Energy Service Co. $10

Lisa Dana, AAA Energy Service Co. $10

Mike Dyer, AAA Energy Service Co. $10

Mike Hillier, AAA Energy Service Co. $50

Peter Kelley, AAA Energy Service Co. $100

Karan Miller’s Aerobic Dance and Step Classes $425

For birth of beautiful granddaughter, Meah, from Happy Grandparents $25

Becky, Katie, JoJo, Nick, Elijah, Ben, Lindsey and Adria $25

In memory of Maggie Soule — the Early Morning Running Group $337

In memory of Kirsten Angela Terhune — Peter $50

Punkin and me $25

Rose Mary Randall Beach $25

In honor of Pete and Annie Sterling, Richard and Barbara Sterling. Love, Jim and Sara; In memory of Scotty and Kiwi. Miss you TJ $100

Ron and Vickie Croteau $25

In honor of Mike and Barbara — Penelope $50

Burchard Dunn School, New Gloucester, coin drive and pretzel giveaway activity $504.33

Ayn Allmendinger $50

In loving memory of my father, Ronald Lee Wiggin $50

In loving memory of my mother, Eleanor Ryan Wiggin $50

In loving memory of my son, John Lee Wiggin $50

In memory of Tom and Claire Simoneau — Dave and Peggy Miller $100

John Caylor $100

In memory of Grace O’Hearn — Philip M. O’Hearn $100

Paul, Joan, Lauren and Jack Tishkevich $200

Carol Potter $50

Anonymous $100

To more joy in the world for all $30

Anonymous $200

In honor of Dorothy A. Doble — Robert $200

Benjamin A. Soule $40

Wayne Duffett $200

Anonymous $25

John and Deborah Fossum $25

Valerie and David Blais $200

Merry Christmas — Barbara and Bill Boynton $100

Merry Christmas — Jake & Emily $50

Tucker Dinan $50

Samantha Read–Smith $25

Anonymous $20

The Universe $50

For Portland’s Children — Carol Eddy $50

For Landon $250

In memory of my daughter, Margaret A. Russell $50

In memory of Marla Beith Houghton $100

Merry Christmas — Liz and Jim Orser $100

God Bless the Children — SJM $100

MaineHealth VitalNetwork $150

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bagg $50

In memory of Arthur C. Keene Jr. $50

Merry Christmas! — OOB $50

In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Duncan and family $10

In loving memory of my Dad, John S. MacKenzie — Carolyn Bowers $20

Patricia and Roger Dunn $50

PLH and JAH $100

In honor of Don, Velma and Doug McGraves $50

In memory of my beloved wife and mother of my children, Betty Russell $300

In loving memory of “Rusty” and Bertha Willis from Sandy and Mike $50

In memory of Charles M. Bradbury, Cape Porpoise $25

Sunday School Children of West Cumberland United Methodist Church $45.50

Judy F. Benoit $100

Merry Christmas — the Kingsleys $25

Timothy R. Salvensen, the Maine Houses $100

In loving memory of Alan M. Argondizza by his family $150

Edward P. Roy, D.M.D. $50

Sybil and Edward McCarthy $50

Leandros and Eleni $50

Howard and Nancy Shaw $25

In honor of Howard and Nancy Shaw — Karen T. Winslow, Wintergreen Financial Group $25

In memory of William Walton $40

In memory of Elizabeth — Paul Casey $25

Champ and Family $70

In memory of Cheetah — Bop, Buckwheat, Havoc, Spook, Murph the Surf, Zeus, Brandy and Sammy. Love, Crouton $25

In memory of Don Mooers, Randy Mooers and Auntie O’Connell $25

Anonymous $25

In loving memory of Debora G. Clark from Mother and Pam $100

In loving memory of Edgar LeRoy and Margaret Merrill $100

In loving memory of our grandfather, Guy Dicentes Jr. — Anthony, Peter and Lisa $50

In the name of Leona Pierpont $50

Jeffrey M. Armstrong $20

Kristen, John and Brian $100

M & G $100

Cobie Smith ‘n’ Sandie Bishop $25

Gene ‘n’ Jeanine Swanson $25

Stephen and Susan Bailey $500

In memory of Mrs. Doris Bickett — Christina, Valerie and Don Oakes $101

Nancy and Digger Jones $50

Laurie Minott $25

Lucretia Smith $25

Henry Donaldson $200

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Neff $50

Anonymous $110

Anonymous $250

Today’s total: $9,142.83

Total to date: $165,243.72