BATH — Bernard Wyman will continue as chairman of the City Council and David Sinclair is the panel’s new vice chairman.

The City Council elected its leaders on Jan. 19. Wyman was re-elected 6-3; James Omo, Mari Eosco and Andrew Winglass voted in opposition.

While Wyman voted for himself, he did not vote for the vice chairman after he was re-elected. Sinclair replaced Winglass as vice chairman by a vote of 5-3; Omo, Eosco and Winglass again voted in opposition.

Omo ran against Wyman for chairman, and Eosco ran against Sinclair.

Wyman, who is starting his 17th year on the City Council, was chairman in 2001-2002 and has had the post since 2006.

Sinclair has served two years of a three-year term.

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