WESTBROOK — Police charged a 35-year-old man with assault on an officer this morning after he hit  Westbrook Officer Chris Burgess repeatedly in the face and bit him, police said.

Eric Mashala Mulamba was already out on bail on a charge of domestic violence when this morning’s incident occurred. He had been charged Jan. 31 with domestic assault and was prohibited from having contact with the alleged victim.

At 2 a.m., Burgess spotted Mulamba’s car at the alleged victim’s house on Austin Street and heard a disturbance. Mulamba ran out the back door and Burgess was able to catch him, but Mulamba refused to submit to arrest, police said.

Burgess finally used his Taser and was able to restrain Mulamba.

Mulamba is being held without bail because he is accused of violating his earlier bail conditions. He also is charged with assault on an officer, reckless conduct and refusing to submit to arrest.

Burgess was treated at the scene by Westbrook rescue workers.