If you knew that your driver’s side front tire would pick a wintry midnight on a deserted back road to end its own life in an explosive, irreparable fashion, you might’ve kept up your AAA membership.

If you knew that signing up for a four-week Learn to Whittle class through your town’s Adult Education program would lead to a few dates, a whirlwind romance and eventually a restraining order, you might have decided that a harmonica lesson was a smarter idea.

And if you knew that you’d take a massive, extremities-flailing fall in the crowded cafeteria at your office building, you might have instead decided to pack a lunch. Or at least wear an outfit more complementary to the cafeteria’s orange linoleum floor.

But we don’t know those kinds of things. Instead, hindsight makes a mockery of us all.

Thus, we’re doomed to call in sick to work only to run into our boss’s spouse at the ski lodge later that afternoon — looking very not sick.

Knowing the future sure would help avoid some sticky situations.


At the Psychic Sunday event at Lucid Stage this Sunday, there’s a chance you could get some input about what your future holds.

The event gathers psychics, readers, music, crystals, jewelry and other artifacts of insight, helping inquiring minds get answers from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Entry costs only $1, though there may be fees for individual readings, products and services.

“Most of the readers are very much into where you are on your path. Are you doing the things you’re supposed to be doing?” said John Bryson, founder of New Edge Events, the organization behind Psychic Sundays.

Bryson started the event more than a decade ago, wanting to gather like-minded folks together. “It’s a non-intimidating atmosphere to come and have a good time,” he said. “A lot of people are still very scared of readings. You hear all this terrible stuff.”

But at Psychic Sundays, Bryson said, attendees are welcome to walk around and get a feel for the people there. “Wander around, see if there’s someone who you’re drawn to.”

There will be readers using tarot cards, runes and intuition, and signup sheets will be available for anyone who wishes to have a personal reading, which costs $20 to $25.


Joyce Halliburton, an intuitive psychic and tarot reader for about 10 years, has been participating in Psychic Sundays around Southern Maine for years, and will be doing readings at Lucid Stage on Sunday.

“My belief is that I am a place of information that can give others a new way of perceiving their current circumstances and taking charge of making shifts to live more fully,” she said.

The readers and psychics at Sunday’s event likely won’t be able to tell you how, three weeks from now, you’ll walk into a Rite Aid in pursuit of shampoo and a buy-two-get-one-free sale on Q-tips and end up spending eight hours “downtown” being questioned by local law enforcement who suspect you’re somehow involved in a string of Rite Aid robberies, using Q-tips as a cover-up.

But perhaps they can put their keen perception to use in your world, get your noggin churning and inspire some action over a job, a relationship, a move. Maybe they can help you find the right track — a track that certainly doesn’t include associating with anyone who robs Rite Aids.

“I would invite anyone in need of answers to join us,” said Halliburton. “The curious, the skeptic and the novices. It’s fun to learn on any level.”

And afterward, give the Adult Education program a call and let them know you refuse to take classes taught by anyone who’s ever been picked up by the cops for “excessive lingering” in other people’s shrubbery.


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