If you just can’t get enough lobster, there are two new books coming out this spring that, between the two of them, will certainly answer every question you might ever have about the creatures.

“Lobster: A Global History” by Elizabeth Townsend (University of Chicago Press, $15.95) will be published in April. Although it is not technically a cookbook, there are 13 pages of recipes, including a few historical ones. Who knew that in the late fourth to fifth centuries they served lobster with a cumin sauce?

“Lobster” by Richard J. King (University of Chicago Press, $19.95) is the latest in a series of books dissecting the life histories of various animals. (Other species in the series include moose and whales.)

There are no recipes, but you’ll learn about other lobster species worldwide and how they are used for food, and see lots of fun lobster-related memorabilia, from a lobster telephone to photos of naked women (one with Salvador Dali) with lobsters covering their private parts.


– Meredith Goad, staff writer