Gorham police responded to a call from a resident at 29 Longfellow Road early this morning that a deer had entered her home.

Two officers responded to the incident shortly after 1 a.m. They arrived around 1:30 and left half an hour later.

Home owner Wendy Brunson said she was upstairs watching television and heard breaking glass downstairs. Instead of calling police immediately, she said she ran downstairs to see what had happened. She discovered a deer had leaped through a cellar window into a utility room where there was paint and tools. She said the deer was frantic and climbing the walls.

Brunson said she opened the door to the outside hoping the deer would leave. Instead the deer went into a finished living area, jumping on couches. The deer then went into a third room. While Brunson called the police, the deer left the house.

“I told the police to come anyway because I’m not dreaming this,” Brunson said. “It looks pretty bad (the damage) right now (in all three rooms).”