The maturity that Portland rock troupe Grand Hotel displays on its latest record, “In Color,” belies the fact that the foursome is coming up on only its third birthday. By this point, many bands find themselves either a) entrenched in a war of egos internally or b) peddling some watered-down radio pop.

But “In Color” sustains a beautiful tension with raw vocals, garage crunch and a firm belief in the escape a well-placed hook can provide.

The CD draws from a rich playbook. The bouncy cut “Body Touch” sets the tone with a hammering bass and an open high-hat pomp, then unleashes a flurry of bright guitar figures and borrows a yelp from Tom Petty.

The first single “Walken” chugs along with grunge boots and Kyle Gervais’ tastefully cocky snarl. “Learn2dance” uses a spacious arrangement that would be welcome on an early Kings of Leon album before the tune devolves into discord. It’s a delicious way to spite sticklers for resolution.

The most exciting moments on “In Color” are the riskiest. One highlight track acts as the Easter egg in the thicket of insistent modern-rock stylings, that being the lovely found-sound patchwork “Go Go Gadget Gorgeous.” It’s a sing-songy clanger probably devised on a toy keyboard, but functions beautifully as a mellow, collect-your-thoughts interlude.

Such diversions bode well for a focused young band still deciding what sounds come next. 

Mike Olcott is a freelance writer who lives in Portland and Boston.