SANTIAGO, Chile — Chile’s state television channel has reported that long-secret documents support the theory that President Salvador Allende may have been assassinated and did not commit suicide.

TVN’s “Special Report” based its report late Monday on a copy of a 300-page military review of Allende’s death long thought to be lost.

Chile’s military announced during the Sept. 11, 1973, coup that the socialist president had killed himself with an AK-47 given to him by Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Allende was later buried in a closed casket in a secretive nighttime ceremony with only his widow present.

The comprehensive military review reportedly describes ballistics and fingerprint evidence and includes photos and witness testimony as well as the original autopsy report, which was made public years ago. Two forensics experts who analyzed the more complete set of documents told TVN they believe more than ever that Allende was shot first through the face with a small-caliber weapon, and that an AK-47 blast blew out the top of his skull after he was already dead.

Allende’s body was exhumed last week and a top team of world forensic experts is now conducting an autopsy.

Sen. Isabel Allende was furious that state television aired a report on her father’s death before it had been resolved.