Can we finally say summer is here? All I know is that my toenails are painted a vivid shade of blue and I finally shoved all hats, gloves and mittens into the catacombs of my closet.

May you enjoy your own rituals, and may we put May behind us. June is off to a conflicting note, as I’m being pulled in three different directions this Saturday night. Dig this and share my indecision: First, it’s freaking awesome electronic pop from The Lovers at The Oak and The Ax; then there’s the Putnam Smith CD-release show at One Longfellow Square; finally, there’s a show at the Chocolate Church in Bath from Kellylee Evans — I’ve just became a huge fan.

This is as hard as deciding what to get from the ice cream truck, but in this case, it really does have to be just one thing. But it’s such a good feeling to know that behind doors No. 1, 2 and 3, a fantastic night of music awaits.

The Lovers are an all-female, loud, electronic pop trio from the other Portland. The group’s latest record is “Dark Light,” and I listened to a whole mess of songs the other morning. “Barnacle” starts the session off with a happy-go-lucky synthesizer sound before Carolyn Berk breaks into song: “Every time the music starts I can feel my aching, shaking heart.” Hand clapping and drums round out the darn catchy tune.

“Figure 8” brings to mind Depeche Mode-style keys. (That means I love it.) “No Regrets” bounces its way into Berk’s lyrics: “You weren’t lying when you claimed to be a mountain lion under the sky where all the mountains lie.”

Enjoyment peaked with “Don’t You Want It.” Big lazy drum whacks and some low keyboard notes carry the song along Berk’s desperate plea for a lover’s return. Brilliance.

The Lovers, Tree Streets and Jose Ayere. 8 p.m. Saturday. The Oak and The Ax, 140 Main St., Biddeford. All ages. $6 at the door.

Modern roots-folk musician Putnam Smith celebrates the release of his latest work, “We Could Be Beekeepers,” with a show at One Longfellow Square.

“I Dream of Apple Orchards” starts the CD off instrumentally with lots of Smith’s banjo, guitar and mandolin. Vocals begin with “The Birds Would Understand.” “If I were a soldier fighting I’d pray that lightning would strike me down/ I know you won’t, but the birds would understand,” Smith sings with a crisp, soulful voice. The entire CD is terrific.

And color me impressed by the fact that Smith hand-printed the CD jackets himself on his hand-set type, pedal power 1901 Pearl Letterpress. How cool is that?

Cellist Seth Yentes and fiddler Mariel Vendersteel will be playing with Smith at this show.

Putnam Smith CD-Release Party with Ramblin’ Red. 8 p.m. Saturday. One Longfellow Square, 181 State St., Portland. All ages. $8 in advance; $10 at the door.

There are few things I love more than the music of Nina Simone, and so I was cautiously happy when I learned of Canadian jazz-pop chanteuse Kellylee Evans and her “Nina” CD. My concern ended the second I heard Evans sing.

No, she doesn’t sound like Nina Simone, but that’s beside the point. She does the songs justice while also making them her own with a sensational voice. Evans also chose wisely with songs like “Mood Indigo,” “I Loves You Porgy,” “Sinnerman,” “Feeling Good” and, one of my personal favorites, “Love Me or Leave Me.”

Go to and sample for yourself. Her band is all that, too. The electric guitar on “Feeling Good” smokes.

“Nina” is the third album from Evans, so expect to hear Simone songs and a bunch of other tunes in concert, which is A-OK with this new fan.

Kellylee Evans. 7:30 p.m. Saturday. The Chocolate Church Arts Center, 804 Washington St., Bath. All ages. $15 in advance; $18 at the door.

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