Why do some girls like bad boys?

If Ashley Hebert knew that, she might have saved herself some heartbreak on Monday’s episode of “The Bachelorette.”

For the second week in a row, Hebert was seen falling hard for a bad boy named Bentley (last names aren’t used on the show) who stared into the camera time after time and admitted he had no real feelings for her.

At one point during the two-hour show, Bentley was seen saying that being on the ABC romance reality show was “all fun and games” for him.

“Ashley’s digging what I’m putting out, and now I’m going in for the kill,” said Bentley, 28, from Salt Lake City.

But Bentley wasn’t the only bachelor who made Hebert – a 27-year-old Madawaska native – cry on Monday’s episode.

During one of the show’s group dates, the men were asked to participate in a roast of Hebert at a sold-out Los Angeles comedy club. Hebert said she loves to laugh, so she wanted to see if the men could make her laugh.

William, a cellphone salesman from Ohio, said the roast was a “dream” for him because he always wanted to be a comedian.

But the best material he could muster was a line about how he had hoped that another woman from “The Bachelor” would be the star of “The Bachelorette.” Hebert had finished third on ABC’s companion show “The Bachelor” earlier this year before being given the starring role on “The Bachelorette.”

“I thought I signed up to be with Chantal or Emily and I get Ashley” he said, to boos from the audience. Hebert had said earlier that she worried that some of the bachelors would be disappointed that she got the show’s starring role.

“My biggest fear in coming here was that I was going to let these guys down,” Hebert was seen saying to the camera.

At one point, Hebert was seen crying alone in the comedy club. Bentley was then seen coming to console her.

“I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to mess with her head,” Bentley said to the camera.

Later, when they were alone again, Hebert told Bentley she had been contacted by another woman from “The Bachelor” who warned her that Bentley was only coming on the show to promote his business – he hasn’t mentioned what that business is.

Hebert had said earlier that he wanted to win Hebert’s affections only because he is very competitive, and that he was “not into her at all.”

Bentley stumbled his way through an explanation, saying the information was false and came from his ex-wife. Hebert believed him.

“I feel like I could trust him forever,” Hebert said to the camera. “I completely fell in love with Bentley last night.”

But a few minutes later Bentley told the camera he had decided he wanted to leave the show, saying Hebert wasn’t “my type.”

While he was leaving the house where all the bachelors stay, he told the camera he had “played everyone.”

“I’m gonna make Ashley cry. I hope my hair looks OK,” Bentley told the camera. “I came into this thinking it would be Emily, who is so breathtakingly beautiful … compared to her, Ashley is an ugly duckling.”

He then told Hebert he was leaving because “I miss my daughter more than anything.” But he told the camera that his daughter was not the reason he was leaving.

Hebert cried on camera for several minutes after hearing Bentley’s news. She then started doubting whether she could continue on the show with such heartbreak.

“Why, why this?” Hebert was heard saying, choking back sobs as she climbed into her bed. “How can I do this?”

But she did stay, and a few minutes later was seen kissing a bachelor named J.P. She also told the camera J.P. was a better kisser than Bentley.

This season of “The Bachelorette” began on May 23 with Hebert having 25 men vying for her attention, and a chance at long-term romance. When Monday’s episode started, there were 15 men left in the running, but by the end that number was down to 12. She did not send the jokester William home, by the way.

Now the question is, who among those 12 can fill the dramatic void left by the departing bad boy?


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