Most adults have a memory of starting a lemonade stand at some point in their childhood to while away an afternoon and put a little change in their pockets.

But how many started with a business plan? Or a pricing strategy, or the intention of sharing with a local charity?

On Sunday, about 750 kids in Maine were armed with all three and set up their lemonade stands on sidewalks and parks all over. It was part of a national event designed to teach children about entrepreneurship, sponsored locally by Bangor Savings Bank and several other businesses.

The kids had to come up with all the ingredients and recipes on their own. The sponsors provided some expertise in what it takes to start a small business. The participants had complete control over what to do with the proceeds, but they were advised to use some to pay for their supplies, to donate some to a good cause and to put some in their pockets.

The event was a great way to get ready for summer, and something that should only grow in years to come.

Using math they learned in school, the young entrepreneurs tracked their sales, compared them with their costs and calculated their profits.

And on a spectacular June afternoon, they also had fun. If only learning was always so easy.