What kind of cable TV service do you have? Do you like it?

It looks like our followers have plenty to say about cable TV. The companies might want to pay attention — otherwise they’re missing great feedback! 

“We have Time Warner. It is WAY too expensive and they bill in advance so it seems like you are always in debt to them. Mysterious charges pop up and the services go out a lot.” — Facebook follower Raegan Sumner 

“We had Time Warner Cable and each month our bill would go up $12 so we got rid of them and got Dish Network. The first year we got a great price but next year our bill went up to $96. But they do offer a lot of great premium channels for … free. The first year they gave us all the Cinemax channels for free. They did that because they didn’t have to send us a bill, they took it directly out of our bank account. Then the second year we have all the Encore channels for free for a year as a way of saying ‘Thank you’ to their loyal customers. It is much cheaper than Time Warner Cable and we also have a DVR. We don’t watch live TV. Can’t stand the commercials. Also got rid of our landline and now we use our cellphones. We also have GWI for our Internet and they only charge $42 a month. Not too bad. Yes, you may get internet from Time Warner Cable for $30 a month but that is only a year. Wait until you get the astronomical bill from them after the year is up – OUCH!!!” — Facebook follower Jennifer Rothrock Bragdon 

“We had Time Warner and were very UNHAPPY with them so we canceled cable and got Netflix. Very happy with that decision.” — Facebook follower Amanda Farrar 

“We canceled our service with Time Warner about 5 months ago, it is just way too expensive. We have Netflix as well; if there are shows on that we want to watch that aren’t on Netflix, we use Hulu. It’s worked out well, and we don’t miss cable at all!” — Facebook follower Lori Quist Lindner 

“TWC no premiums and yes, happy with service but not the cost.” — Facebook follower Deborah McCormick Curry 

“No cable, we have one of those digi converters that the government forced on us … It really doesn’t come in half the time, so our TV stays off most of the time!! DVDs, VHS’s and lots of movies on the Internet!!!” — Facebook follower Holly Loiselle 

“No cable. Like Holly our digi converter works on the old TV but not the newer bigger one. The bigger TV is for movies only. I wonder if the cable and satellite companies weren’t in on the government decision forcing people to use those services. It is like in the older days where the less fortunate people don’t have TV.” — Facebook follower Kimberly Pettingill 

“No cable, no TV, no phone line, no cellphone — just the Internet (we use Skype for our phone).” — Facebook follower Spiced Plate 

“Haven’t had cable for years. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, MUBI and other streaming services have changed the way I watch.” — Twitter follower Timkaru 

“None. We use Netflix and Hulu and we loooove it!” — Facebook follower Kate Mahan Kastelein 

“DirecTV, only option in #TheHills. No extra pay channels, pay enough as is, thanks. Wish I could just buy 7 channels I watch.” — Twitter follower Bomazeen 

“DirecTV and couldn’t be happier with our service. Especially the NFL Sunday Ticket! :)” — Twitter follower YahYah24 

“Not much into TV. Have basic (local channels) cable and that is required for cable Internet. Internet goes down a lot.” — Facebook follower Patty Brennan 

“The last 3 days I’ve had unavailable HD & SD channels from TWC — calling them this morning. #lame” — Twitter follower KurtGraser 

“Basic Comcast. I’m happy with it because I barely use it. XD I mostly use Netflix to watch TV.” — Twitter follower SpiderSensed 

“Got rid of TW and got DirecTV, not happy with them either but stuck for the next 2 years. When that’s up get rid of it all and go with whatever is available and cheap. Maybe get rid of the TV altogether. … Kids seem happier, more relaxed without it and they either play outside or read! Amazing. Lol” — Facebook follower Kate Savidge 

“Insight; I have HBO, Showtime and Encore, as well as some extra channel tiers. I’m happy with my service.” — Twitter follower HollywoodRon 

“Comcast. I have every channel ever. It works fine. Expensive. But that’s what you get when you let your heart win.” — Twitter follower SleepyJeans 

“TW and no extra channels. Is anyone happy? It’s a joke of a monopoly and should be fixed. We get ripped off every day.” — Twitter follower RogerNKnight 

“I have Time Warner, and I’m VERY UNHAPPY. They charge WAY too much compared to what I used to pay in Wisconsin.” — Twitter follower MitchInMaine 

“TWC, not very happy, no better options. One extra channel because it’s free for a year but I rarely watch it.” — Twitter follower KMCwrites