A screened-in porch or a three-season room can be a welcome space that adds viable living area to a house. Oftentimes, these rooms serve as a bridge between the indoors and outside, and they can offer the creature comforts of any other room in the home. Just as they would a bedroom or family room, many homeowners prefer to decorate this area so it doesn’t look like an extension of the backyard, instead showcasing the homeowner’s personal style.

Homeowners can add many accents to a screened-in porch. Keep in mind that because this three-season room will likely need to endure the weather, including moisture and sunlight, decorating should be planned accordingly.

Turn a screened-in porch into a welcoming space with a few different ideas. Here are some things to consider.

* Think about adding sheer curtains to create privacy and keep sun out on hot days. It is important to choose fabrics that are fade-resistant but also resistant to mold and mildew. Muslin or even mosquito netting in different shades can be draped to add some visual interest.

* Look for outdoor furniture that is both comfortable and attractive. Wicker, wood and wrought-iron are popular materials for outdoor designs. There are also cushions crafted from weatherproof materials that can add a pop of color and comfort to the space.

* Enhance the area with some wall art. Hang an anchor for a nautical theme, or some whimsical accessories to create a kitschy country feel.

* Spruce up the lighting so it’s not sterile outdoor flood lights. Install a ceiling fan to circulate the air and add some aesthetic appeal. Or consider hanging a chandelier made of materials that are impervious to the weather, like seashells or bamboo.

* Just because you’re adjacent to the yard doesn’t mean you can’t bring some plant life inside of the screened room as well. Potted plants will soften the room and add color and a homey feeling to the space. Just be aware that outdoor plants have to be watered more frequently than indoor plants because of their tendency to dry out in the sun.

* Define the entertaining space with a throw rug made from outdoor fabric. Essentially you can create a mini living room right outside.

* Be sure there is an electrical outlet available on the porch so that you can plug in a radio or even a tabletop lamp if you enjoy reading in the twilight areas. An outlet can also make it possible to plug in a small fountain or water feature.

The creature comforts of indoors can be extended to a three-season room or screened-in porch to provide another space in the home in which to entertain or relax.