COACH: Scott Descoteaux, fifth year

LAST YEAR: 7-2 (lost in Western quarterfinals)


IMPACT PLAYERS: Andrew Descoteaux, sr., FB/LB; Zach Jacques, sr., RB/DB; Tyler Vigue, sr., WR/DB; Nick Leblond, jr., QB/DB; Patrick Wilson, jr., RB/DB; Josh Fogg, sr., OT/LB

OUTLOOK: The Tigers are rebuilding after losing 18 seniors. This is one of the smallest Biddeford teams. Offsetting that, the Tigers will look to take advantage of speed and athleticism. Leblond will be at quarterback. He started in the playoff loss to Scarborough so he has a good idea of what Class A is like. Biddeford will need to solidify its offensive line to give its backs some holes. The Tigers feel they can be competitive with the teams on their schedule.



COACH: Kevin Cooper, 14th year

LAST YEAR: 8-2 (lost in Western semifinals)


IMPACT PLAYERS: Nick Adkins, sr., RB/DB; Cam Cooper, sr., WR/LB; Matt Burnell, sr., WR/DB; Jordan Adams, sr., OT/DT; Curtis LaBelle, sr., OT/LB; Evan Amell, sr., WR/DB; Ryan McIntosh, sr., WR/DB; Tony Ciampo, sr., LB; Tyson Goodale, jr., QB/DB; Andy Martel, jr., G/LB; Tyler Campobasso, jr., G/DT; Wade Mendeville, jr., C/DT; Shawn Duane, jr., TE

OUTLOOK: The Scots have a lot of threats on offense, starting with Goodale at QB. Goodale is a strong runner, just what the Scots look for in the spread option. He also improved his passing during the summer. Adkins looks for an injury-free season. If it happens, he will be a big boost to the offense with his ability to find holes. The team is strong at WR with Cooper, the coach’s son, Burnell, Amell and McIntosh. There are three returning starters in the line. The Scots could compete for a regional title.



COACH: Dan Cooper, seventh year

LAST YEAR: 6-4 (lost in Eastern semifinals)


IMPACT PLAYERS: Dylan Walton, sr., RB/DB; Sam Bessey, sr., TE/LB; Garrett Erb, sr., WR; Keith Kitchens, sr., FB/LB; Robby Klatt, sr., C; Justin Libby, sr., G/DT; Pablo Madera, sr., RB/DE; Hunter Ouellette, sr., DT; Robert Trimmer, sr., OT; Jordan Rysdham, jr., RB/LB

OUTLOOK: The Dragons are a senior-oriented team with leadership that could go a long way in getting the team back into the playoffs. It will be harder because only four teams make the postseason in Eastern Class A. The biggest need is replacing the line. Walton is one of the top running backs in the conference. He played only three games last season because of injury but still gained 600 yards.



COACH: John Wolfgram, sixth year

LAST YEAR: 12-0 (state champion)


IMPACT PLAYERS: Spencer Cooke, sr., RB/DB; Cam Olson, sr., QB/DB; Louie DiStasio sr., WR/K; Christian Deschenes, sr., OT/DT; Mike Dedian, sr., OG/DT; Tom Sullivan, sr., C; Charlie Rainville, sr., OT/DT; Colie Walsh, sr., FB/DE; Brent Green, jr., RB/LB; Ryan Casale, jr., TE/LB; Liam Fitzpatrick, jr., QB/DB

OUTLOOK: The Stags have enough returning to defend their title. Cooke gained more than 1,000 yards last season. The Stags will look to develop another player or two in the backfield to offset what they lost with graduation. Olson, injured all of last year, takes over at QB with big shoes to fill, but has the physical tools to do well as a runner and passer. DiStasio showed his big-play potential at receiver late in the season and proved a valuable kicker all year. The offensive line has experience.



COACH: Jon Gallant, first year

LAST YEAR: 8-3 (lost in Western final)


IMPACT PLAYERS: Matt Flaherty, sr., QB/DB; Alex Stilphen, sr., OT/DT; Nick DiBiase, sr., RB/LB; Trey Thomes, sr., RB/DB; Renaldo Lowry, sr., WR/DB; Ken Sweet, jr., DB; Tyler Wiggin, jr., G/LB; James Doyle, jr., TE/DE

OUTLOOK: The Rams, again with speed and athleticism, are strong at the skill positions. QB Flaherty has waited two seasons for his chance to start. He played strong safety a year ago. DiBiase and Thomes give the team a strong 1-2 combination at running back. Lowry is a threat to score anywhere on the field. Stilphen is a three-year starter in the line.



COACH: Dave Kilborn, 14th year



IMPACT PLAYERS: Nick Chabot, sr., RB/DB; Brad Turnbaugh, sr., RB/DB; Nick Kilborn, sr., FB/DE; Kyle Nealey, sr., TE/DE; Dylan Whitaker, sr., OT/DT; Emmanuel Mutombo, sr., DT; Joe Jackson, sr., RB/DB; Dominic Deluca, sr., OT/DT

OUTLOOK: The Rams’ schedule has some tough games and others where they feel they have a shot. The team will stick with a double-wing offense, which will be run by QB by committee. Kilborn could be the key; he rushed for a team-leading 720 yards last season.



COACH: Joe Rafferty, 33rd year



IMPACT PLAYERS: Jason Small, sr., HB/DB; Charlie Stewart, sr., OT/DT; Sean Foley, sr., C/DE; Nick Emmons, so., QB; Will Dumas, jr., FB/LB; Nicco DeLorenzo, so., RB/LB; Ryan Finn, sr., OT/DT; Clayton Spang, sr., TE/DE

OUTLOOK: The Rams are young but have potential. The team will miss their skill players of a year ago and need a collective effort to make the playoffs. Stewart is a 290-pound two-way tackle. The Rams, who like to throw to their backs, will look for a fast start to build confidence. The opening game is against Gorham — the schools never have met.



COACH: John Morin, 15th year



IMPACT PLAYERS: Casey Nava, jr., FB/DB; Jakes Desrochers, jr., QB/DB; Sam Chaves, sr., HB/LB; Josh Andrews, jr., C/DT; Travis Mansfield, sr., HB/LB

OUTLOOK: Nava led the Mustangs in rushing, return yardage and all-purpose yards last season. Another big season from him and help from others will be needed for the Mustangs to turn last season’s losses into wins. The team will look to avoid last season’s penchant for letting games slip away. Desrochers has shown a lot of improvement since a year ago. The team will look to improve both lines in order to compete.



COACH: Frank True, first year



IMPACT PLAYERS: Ryan Smith, jr., RB/DB; Chandler McKague, sr., OL/LB; Troy Frey, wr., WR/DE; Torrie Charnock, sr., RB/DB: Jake Liedman, jr., QB; Ryan Moody, jr., RB/LB; Ryan Lathrop, jr., RB/DE; Max Mondenado, sr., OL.DL; Derek Jefferson, sr., OL/DL

OUTLOOK: The Eagles have a new head coach in True, who was the defensive coordinator a year ago. The team has all new starters on offense and four returnees on defense. There’s plenty of speed at running back, which is the Eagles’ strength. The playoffs are a long shot, but the Eagles hope to be competitive and grab a win here and there to get headed in the right direction.



COACH: John Carver, third year



IMPACT PLAYERS: Jake Bagley, sr., HB/DB; Matt Beatrice, sr., OT/DT; Minh Huynh, sr., G/DT; Ethan Beaulier, jr., QB; Joe Thyng, sr., HB/LB

OUTLOOK: The Knights will look for strong senior leadership. Beaulier has a strong grasp of the triple-option offense. Bagley has quickness at RB. Noble is rebuilding but a strong group of underclassmen will help.



COACH: Mike Bailey, 26th year



IMPACT PLAYERS: Seamus Kilbride, sr., WR/DB; Nate Porter, sr., OT/DT; Nick Higgins, sr., C/DE; Jason Webster, sr., WR/DB; Sam Sanders, sr., OT/DT; Christian Doughty, sr., OG/DT; Nick Volger, jr., RB/DB; Tate Gale, jr., FB/LB; Verny Gayle, jr., FB/LB; Casey Mahoney, jr., TE/DE

OUTLOOK: The Bulldogs, looking to return to the playoffs after missing last season, have plenty of experience on the line. Porter could be a force on both sides of the ball as he looks to improve on a strong junior season. The transfers of Sanders and Doughty from Cheverus bolster the line. Freshman QB Ryan Ruhlin has a lot of potential. The Bulldogs will look to run more, featuring Volger, Gale and anyone else who can step up behind the experienced line.



COACH: Mike Fallon, 17th year



IMPACT PLAYERS: Jon Schroder, sr., RB/LB; Alex Shain, jr., RB/LB; James Titcomb, sr., OT/DT; Andrew Gregoire, sr., OT/DT; Cody Mooney, jr., QB/LB; Jimmy Chaisson, sr., WR/K; Dan Webb, sr., TE/DB

OUTLOOK: At 6-foot-1, 205 pounds, Shain has the explosiveness to take it the distance. The line will be built around Titcomb, a big tackle, and Gregoire. If they can mold a line from newcomers, the Redskins could turn around those losses of a year ago and perhaps squeeze into the playoffs. They missed by one place last season.



COACH: Lance Johnson, second year

LAST YEAR: 8-2 (lost in Western semifinals)


IMPACT PLAYERS: Scott Thibeault, sr., RB/LB; Kellen Smith, sr., RB/LB; Conor McCann, sr., WR/DB; Logan Mars, sr., OG/DT; David Conceison, sr., TE/LB; Jesse Bell, sr., OT/DT; Kolbey Adams, sr., TE/DE; Dillon Russo, jr., QB/DB

OUTLOOK: Even though the Red Storm graduated 22 seniors, expectations are high. Scarborough got a taste of the playoffs a year ago and has the players to make another run. Thibeault, who had a good season running, returns bigger and stronger. Russo got plenty of action at QB last season and showed he can run different offenses. The Red Storm have a big line, led by Mars. All the ingredients are there.



COACH: Steve Stinson, seventh year

LAST YEAR: 5-4 (lost in Western quarterfinals)


IMPACT PLAYERS: Logan Gaddar, sr., WR/DB; Dan Medici, sr., WR/DB; Max Porter, sr., FB/LB; Zac Compton, sr., TE/LB; Jordan Muller, sr., QB/DB; Joey DiBiase, sr., TB/LB; Michael Salvatore, sr., QB/DB; Ryan Ely, jr., C/DT; Cody Munson, jr., OT/DT; Liam Rottkov, jr., OT/DT.

OUTLOOK: The Red Riots are encouraged by the largest number of seniors (18) they’ve had in years. They’re hoping that experience can carry them into the playoffs for a second straight season. DiBiase rushed for 900 yards and scored 10 touchdowns. Muller missed last year with an injury. He throws a good ball and the Riots have players who can catch it.



COACH: Kevin Kezal, 12th year

LAST YEAR: 6-3 (lost in Western quarterfinals)


IMPACT PLAYERS: Tyler Danley, sr., OT/DE; Luke Libby, sr., OG/DT; John Remmes, sr., RB/DB; Eric Christensen, jr., QB/DB; Nick Kenney, jr., FB/LB; Connor McCrum, jr., TE/LB; Dakota Tarbox, jr., WR/LB; Andrew Libby, so., RB/DB

OUTLOOK: The Golden Trojans have experience with 18 seniors. Christensen is the type of QB the team wants running a spread offense. He’s physical and throws the ball well. Andrew Libby is a strong runner and defender. Danley and Luke Libby are keys in the line. Thornton faces all the strong teams in the league, so it will need to be at the top of its game to compete.



COACH: Matt Perkins, 10th year

LAST YEAR: 4-5 (lost in Western quarterfinals)


IMPACT PLAYERS: T.D. O’Brien, sr., QB/DE; Jeremy Peavey, sr., TE/DB; Matt McLean, sr., C/DE; Jordan Lindsay, sr., OT/DT; Ian Dixon, sr., OT/DT; Kyle Deschenes, sr., RB/DB; John Golder, sr., FB/LB; Johnny Waymouth, sr., WR/DB; Nolan Allen, sr., WR/K; Joe Francoeur, jr., OG/DT; Shawn Francoeur, Jr., OG/LB; Christian Coons, jr., FB/LB; Damien Shepard, jr., WB/DB

OUTLOOK: The Eagles look to be strong on defense with the offense developing. O’Brien is a physical presence at QB at 6-foot-2, 200 pounds. Shepard is a breakaway threat while the Francoeur twins are keys to the line with Jordan Lindsay. Windham could be one of the top teams in Western Class A. 

— Tom Chard, Staff Writer