PORTLAND — Crews will drain Capisic Pond today in preparation for construction work to begin Monday.

Portland spokeswoman Nicole Clegg said the banks of the river downstream along Capisic Street have been damaged by erosion and need improvements. Construction is expected to last two weeks. Once complete, she said the water level in the pond will be returned to its normal level. 

While the pond is drained, Clegg said sediment samples will be collected as part of the Capisic Pond Management Plan to determine the quality of the pond and pollutant load. Capisic Brook, which is the water source for the pond, no longer complies with state and federal water quality standards and is classified as one of 32 “urban impaired” streams in the state. She said its steady degradation is in part due to increased stormwater runoff. 

Studies of the sediment will help the city develop strategies for next steps for the wetlands and pond, which will be incorporated into the management plan.