A Cumberland County grand jury has indicted a man on two murder charges for allegedly killing the mother of his children and a Massachusetts man who was a friend of his.

The grand jury indicted Joel Hayden, 29, of New Gloucester. Hayden was charged with killing Renee Sandora, 27, and Trevor Mills, 29, of New Bedford. Hayden was charged with shooting them in front of Sandora’s home on Bennett Road in New Gloucester on July 25.

Hayden was arrested shortly after the shooting as he tried to flee in a car. Hayden crashed the car in Lyman following a police pursuit and he suffered a serious back injury.

The couple’s eldest child, 7, told police that Hayden and Sandora had been arguing and that Hayden was holding Sandora’s car keys away from her, according to a police affidavit.

The affidavit said the child saw Hayden push Mills through a door and then shoot Mills and Sandora. The other three children – the youngest was 3 months – were in Sandora’s car.

Hayden is being held without bail in Cumberland County Jail.