“The Cookie Jar Cookbook” (Hearst Books, $12.95) from Good Housekeeping, edited by Susan Westmoreland, is the perfect little cookbook for these economic times. It’s half the price (at least) of most modern cookbooks, and it’s filled with 65 recipes for classic, chunky and chewy cookies that will provide edible comfort while combing the want ads or balancing your household budget.

The book is divided into chapters focusing on Drop Cookies, Shaped Cookies, Icebox Cookies and Brownies & Bar Cookies.

There are baking tips in between recipes, some of which are helpful and some that seem like they came from “Cookies for Dummies.” They’ll help those folks who are used to getting cookie dough from the refrigerator case of the grocery store.

But the big attraction is having all your childhood favorites in one little book – thumbprint jammies, snickerdoodles, coconut macaroons, sugar cookies, chocolate pinwheels, blondies and several kinds of brownies.

If you’re worried about your waistline, Good Housekeeping has made over chocolate chip-oatmeal cookies, cutting out half the fat and calories.