How often do you visit social networking sites?

Every week, Mobile Society questions are posted on our Facebook and Twitter accounts. We like to hear from our followers, and it brought up an interesting thought this week. How often does everyone sign in to their social networking accounts? Almost everyone seems to have Facebook and Twitter accounts, and now there’s Google+, and some people still using MySpace. These websites and applications make it easy for people to communicate with friends, colleagues and family, and they’re free and immediate. Between status updates and news and game requests, it’s hard to unplug from social sites. So this week we asked our followers how often they used social networking in a given day.

“MANY times. 8-10.” — Facebook follower Vanessa Helmick

“Haha, FB & Twitter are considered another form of communication just like phone, text or email. So the answer to how often are the social networking sites used is 24/7!! Not that we respond 24/7 though, fyi.” — Facebook follower TOCmedia

“Twitter quite a bit, Google+ once every other dayish. And Facebook as little as possible (once every few days).” — Twitter follower DarlaBear

“Probably once or twice an hour. I can check it from my computer and my phone, and if nothing’s going on I might surf around my friends’ list just to keep from being bored.” — Twitter follower WaftingCurtains

“A pathetic amount of time between all of them. Not always to add any of my own status updates, usually to read what other people are saying or celebrity twitters to see what they’re up to.” — Twitter follower MustBeThursday

“I surf several times a day, but I only update my face book a few times a week and Twitter at least once  a day.” — Twitter follower SleepyJeans

“Twitter daily, Facebook never (deleted it), Google+ a few times a week.” — Twitter follower HollywoodRon

“Way too much.” — Facebook follower Alan Dillingham