If you love scallops but you’re used to eating them only in chowder or pan-seared, let mother-daughter team Elaine Tammi and Karin A. Tammi rock your world with their new book, “Scallops: A New England Coastal Cookbook” (Pelican Publishing, $39.95).

How about Applewood Bacon-Wrapped Scallop Tournedoes with Summer Succotash and Orange Pecan Butter (a favorite of Julia Child)? Or Cilantro-Broiled Scallops with Green Chili Beure Blanc?

Anything you ever wanted to know about scallops is in this book — perhaps too much. But if you can wade through some of the mind-numbing details about scallop fishery management and such, you’ll find some tempting recipes and some nice tips, such as the section that explains the difference between wet and dry scallops. How many consumers today realize that the scallops they purchase at many markets have been soaked in water and chemicals to increase their weight and shelf life? Or that processors often whiten scallops by immersing them in diluted bleach?

Fortunately, we live in a part of the country where it’s easier to find dry scallops fresh off the boat. This book will make you want to go buy some and make some Scallops Carbonara. Or a Scallop Pot Pie. Or Scallops and Spinach Risotto, or…