A juvenile, who was on probation for criminal mischief, was charged with reckless conduct and assault this afternoon. 

York County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to a soccer field at Massabesic Middle School in East Waterboro around 4:30 p.m. when a Kennebunk player was shot by a BB gun. Kennebunk Middle School was playing against Massabesic at the time.

Deputies said witnesses saw two or three kids run away from the field shortly after the shot was felt. One was holding a gun. They canvassed the area near the field and found two juvenilles matching the description given by witnesses. 

The juvenile who confessed to shooting the BB gun is a Massabesic High School student. Deputies say he claimed he was target practicing in the woods, but later confessed he shot at the visitor’s bench. 

The gun was seized as evidence and the juvenile was taken into custody and transported to Longcreek Youth Development Center to await a court hearing.