Edgar Allen Beem’s column, “Worried about wireless,” is just plain wrong. He talks about, “individual sensitivity to radio frequency exposure.” We have had radio transmitters since around 1890, about 120 years now. In that time nobody has ever been proved to be sensitive to “radio frequency exposure.” There are people who claim to be sensitive, but claiming is one thing, proving it is another. If you put a person claiming to be sensitive in one room and in another room you transmit at random times, the person will not be able to tell you when the transmitter is on. End of debate.

Once you understand that there is no such thing as radio transmission sensitivity and that there are no valid health risks, all the arguments against smart meters fade away.

I also do not agree with Beem’s assertion that people who opt out of the program should not have to pay extra. Quite the contrary, I feel they should pay more. I think the PUC should require CMP to tally up the costs each year for all the meter readers, their vehicles, their benefits, etc. The total cost should then be divided by the opt-outs number and that cost should be added to their bills. I also suggest that the possible hundreds of thousands of dollars CMP wasted defending the smart meter program for the past year should also be passed along to the opt-outs.

Harry White