As I review the literature recently received for the election of town councilors in Freeport District 3, I am encouraged by the fact that we have an opportunity to re-elect a community leader like Joe Migliaccio. Joe’s experience through his many volunteer hours in the community and on local and state boards through his professional career have allowed him to understand the uniqueness of District 3. Joe has been very vocal on issues that really matter to Freeport residents as well as District 3. It is not always the easy way for Joe, but that is what I expect of my councilor.

Joe Migliaccio has lived and worked in Freeport, he is hard working, respectful and experienced, which is exactly what we need on our Town Council. Thank you Joe , for what you are doing. I am proud to support you with my vote on Nov. 8.

Michael C. Reis
South Freeport

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