AUGUSTA – One of eight people charged with arson at a private home in Manchester has avoided criminal conviction.

Chandler White, 19, of Livermore had pleaded guilty July 1, 2010, to a felony charge of aggravated criminal mischief in connection with a fire that destroyed an unoccupied home on Scribner Hill Road on Feb. 21, 2010.

The case was continued for sentencing, and he was placed on deferred disposition for 15 months. If he complied with the terms of that disposition, he was to be able to withdraw his plea and have the charge dismissed.

On Friday in Kennebec County Superior Court, a judge signed the dismissal.

White paid $13,288 toward the restitution and a $25 per month supervision fee, and he remained free from criminal involvement over the 15 months.

White, like two men and five juveniles originally charged with arson and aggravated criminal mischief, had no criminal record. Most pleaded guilty to the criminal mischief charge.

Christopher Minor, 20, of Winthrop was sentenced to 364 days in jail followed by one year of administrative release.

Jordan Conant, 20, of Winthrop, the alleged ringleader, who also pleaded guilty to a charge of failure to control or report a dangerous fire, was sentenced to 364 days in jail, followed by another 364-day, all-suspended sentence, and a year of administrative release.

The five juveniles were sentenced to 10-30 days at a correctional center in Charleston.

In all, the three adults paid almost $40,000 in restitution. The five juveniles were ordered to pay almost $5,000 each.