Out of Town

Alessandra Ann D’Amico, born Oct. 10 at Sibley Hospital, Washington, D.C., to Peter and Bernadett D’Amico, Washington. Grandparents: Gabriella Gyorffy, Union City, N.J.; Sam D’Amico and Judith D’Amico, both of Portland. Great-grandparent: Margaret Tubaugh, Ewart, Iowa.


H.D. Goodall Hospital

Daivik Liam Chase, born Oct. 5 to Douglas Chase Jr. and Olivia (Brookes) Kakande, Sanford. Grandparents: Richard and Cynthia Weaver, Robin Goodrich.

Vincent Allen Stephen Naylor, born Oct. 9 to Ricky Naylor and Jessica Garib, Sanford. Grandparents: Rachel Grondin, Lesa Garib, Gary Naylor, Stephen Garib.

Emily Grace Pelkey, born Oct. 11 to Jason and Amy (Gallant) Pelkey, Sanford.

Caydence Lydia Hartford, born Oct. 12 to Holli Day, Sanford. Grandparents: Elaine and Barry Hartford, Susan Pepin, Dale and Denise Day.

Ryland David Gardner, born Oct. 14 to Carrie Gardner, Sanford. Grandparents: Earl Gardner, Susan Gardner.

Ethan James David, born Oct. 14 to Tonya Harris, Sanford. Grandparents: Brian and Teresa Harris, Ken and Camille Hilton.

Gracie Elizabeth Ina Grant, born Oct. 14 to Daniel Grant and Jamie Lantagne, Sanford. Grandparents: Deborah Howard, Lily Sprague, James Lantagne, Dan Grant.

Chase David Alexander, born Oct. 15 to Matt and Danielle (Bilodeau) Alexander, Sanford. Grandparents: Donna Alexander, Normand and Betty Bilodeau.

Keegan Daren Couture, born Oct. 16 to Lance Couture and Ashley Leach, Hollis. Grandparents: Carol Lamb, Andy Couture, Doug Leach, Cheryl Leach.