PORTLAND — Flanked by large pictures of the newly renovated Portland International Jetport and Pierce Atwood buildings, and with shiny Marginal Way behind him, City Councilor Nick Mavodones made the case today that Portland is business-friendly and moving in the right direction.

He said the city has received nearly $600 million in new investments in the last four years, three of which he’s been mayor.

“They say pictures are worth a thousand words,” Mavodones said. “But the pictures behind me, coupled with the buildings surrounding us and the investment in Portland over the last few years, is worth almost $600 million.”

At the 11 a.m. news conference on the Bayside Trail between Elm and Somerset streets, Mavodones also pointed to The Forefront, a proposed $105 million project on Thompson’s Point, as proof more development is coming.

He said voters should re-elect him Nov. 8 if they “want to keep the good things going.”

After the event, mayoral opponent Jed Rathband said “Nick has done very well for the city.”

“But last year, the voters spoke and clearly said they want new leadership,” Rathband added. “I believe that’s why our campaign is doing very well.”

Rathband and candidate Markos Miller have also said not all development is created equal. Both have criticized Marginal Way for being unfriendly to the high-density, neighborhood development Portland needs to remain sustainable. Rathband also said certain development, particularly in North Deering, is too generic instead of unique to Portland’s values and aesthetics.

At today’s press conference, Mavodones referenced some new developments like Ocean Gateway and the “megaberth” ($41 million), the Hampton Inn ($15 million) and the Intermed building ($26.5 million) as successful developments.

He said his opponents’ “pot shots” at the current city administration “are rooted somewhere other than reality.”

“The biggest falsehood I hear is that Portland is not attracting investment,” Mavodones said. “We are here today to debunk that claim.”