SEBAGO — Investigators with the Maine Warden Service continue to probe the fatal hunting incident that occurred in Sebago Saturday and say it could be a long time before their investigation is complete.

Wardens are investigating what led William Briggs, 61, of Windham to shoot Peter Kolofsky, 46, of Sebago in the chest Saturday afternoon. Investigators say they believe it was unintentional and that Briggs was not impaired but would offer no other details about the circumstances of the shooting.

Edith Smith, spokeswoman for the Maine Warden Service, said commanders in the organization said it could take “days, weeks, maybe even months” before the investigation is complete.

“There’s a lot of evidence that they’re going through,” she said, though she would not elaborate. Once the investigation is complete, the Attorney General’s Office will determine whether to bring charges that Briggs did not exercise reasonable caution.