Just when you think they couldn’t possibly come up with any more ideas for cookbooks, along comes “The Tipsy Vegan: 75 Boozy Recipes To Turn Every Bite into Happy Hour” by John Schlimm (Da Capo, $17).

The recipes all contain some form of alcohol, and they all have cutesy (and sometimes tasteless) names like “Three Tomatoes to the Wind Flan” (which contains vodka), “The Alky’s Favorite Yellow Pepper Soup” (cognac), “Wild Rice Under the Influence” (white rum) and “The Hangover Tofu Omelet with Sauteed Chopped Bell Pepper Filling” (marsala wine).

Maybe it’s just me, but the words “hangover” and “tofu” should never be found in the same sentence.

If you are vegan for health reasons, this book might make you question why it’s not OK to take a sip of skim milk, but it’s just fine to toss some tequila into a batch of fried avocados. If you’re vegan for moral reasons, well, when it comes to alcohol, that’s a whole other land mine.

Let’s face it: American dietary choices often don’t make much sense, no matter which food philosophy you follow.

Maybe some vegans just need a little buzz to take their minds off the fact that they’re never going to eat ice cream again.