Dear Santa,
I would like the big blue Nerf gun.
I also would like a tube of large
matchbox car tube.
Age 4
Dear Santa,
This is Solange asking if you could
try to get me to be a singer because
Selena Gomez is on and I really
want to be one. I been wanting to
be since I was a little girl. And I’m
going to follow my dreams. I let my
family hear me on my school laptop. They said you sound great. I
watched this show called Major and
Miners I think that what it is called.
Well it got me thinken that if these
teenagers can become a singer so
can I. And I need your help. That’s
the only thing, well if you can at
least bring me a lot of things for me
to use to get me started. Soul
Surfer, Paper Jamz Pro Mic, Fijit
Friends, Spy Net Stealth video
glasses, Spy Net video watch with
night vision, Mongoose HD Bike.
Dear Santa,
My name is Shakira C. I’m 4 years
old, I would like a pair of high heel
shoes, Princess A pretty dress and I
would like a pair of slipper Dora
Explorer and pretty socks. I would
like a doll that dances I also like to
have a warm blanket with a princes
on it and a pillow, and I would like
to have a kitty. I like toys and pretty
clothes. Thank you Santa, I hope I
get my gifts. Thank you so much
My shoe size is 11 pants 5+ shirts
5+ underwear 4
Love, Shakira
Age 4
Dear Santa,
How are you? I have been a very
good boy. So please bring me
Thomas & friends Cranky & Flynn
play set. I love Thomas everything!
I will leave you cookies & my
favorite chocolate milk!
Love, Tanner M
Age 2-1/2
Dear Santa,
I am writing to you on the behalf of
my 3 little girls. This year is a very
hard year. I’m on unemployment,
my husband’s job just went out of
business and we are now currently
homeless, stay here and there waiting to get in the shelter. I would
love to give my kids a good Christmas this year but finances are tight.
Here’s a few things they wrote to
me on a Christmas List.
Haley, Age 10 – Lollyloopsy,
Justin Bieber dolls, Justin Beiber
microphone, a digital water camcorder, Wii games, DSI
Ally, Age 8 – Baby Alive,
stroller, talking puppy, helmet,
kneepads & elbow pads, Leap frog
hand game.
Shania, Age 6 – Princess Barbies, talking kitty dress-up, Princess
The Aldrich Family
Dear Santa,
I want a Butterfly Pillow Pet and a
PeeWee Butterfly Pillow Pet.
Thank you and have a great
Love, Lana



Dear Santa,
I have been very good this year. I
eat all my fruits & veggies. I try all
kinds of new food like daddy. For
Christmas I would love to have
some new PJ’s – Mom says I grow
like a flower. A Fisher Price Snap-
N-Style case for my dolls. A soft
Dolly and some new sippee cups.
Love Emily
Age 1
Dear Santa Claus,
I wanta summer jackets or Harley
Davidson jackets for me for Christmas. And like a free standing
punching bag in blue and karate
movie. I do karate. hey call me the
eye of the tiger, that is my name.
And sport socks too. And want shirt
like a karate kanja tree.
Love, Ansela
Dear Santa,
Hello my name is Brayden May
and I am 1 year old. I would like
some age 1 toys, socks, and 18
month clothes (top & bottom).
Love, Brayden
Dear Santa,
Hello my name is Lillyanna Burke
and I’m 2-1/2 years old. I want for
Christmas is a couple baby dolls to
play with and a nursery to go with
it. I would also like some clothes. I
wear 2T top & bottom, and some
more socks please.
Sincerely, Lillyanna
Dear Santa,
I really, really, want a Pittsburgh
Roethlisberger jersey for Christmas.
I want a Wii, the 2012 WWE
videogame, a fish, and fish tank. I
would also like Super Mario
Galaxy, Cars 2, and Ninjago video
games for the Wii and my DS.
I would like a fire-Luigi action figure, Connect 4 launchers, a football,
and a rock guitar. I have tried my
best to be a good boy this year.
Can you please bring a kitty toy for
Little Miss Muffet? I also want a
big Halo army tank. Thank you for
coming every year.
Love, Cooper
Dear Santa, Mrs. Claus, Rudolph,
other Deer and all the elves,
I would like to have for Christmas:
Doll and clothes, Guinea pig, cage
and food, Doodle Dicey, Fish in a
bowl and food.
I have tried to be good sometime –
I’m not 100% angel.
Hope you had a relaxing 2010
because you will soon be busy with
the flying and delivering presents.
I will leave out carrots for deer,
cookies and milk for you and the
My Gammie and Gampie say Hi.
Love xoxo
Briella Whitney
Dear Santa,
For Christmas I would love to have
an Ipod touch, an Xbox 360 Kinect,
Call of Duty Black ops, Call of
Duty Modern Warfare 3, a Paper
Jams Pro series guitar, Everybody
Dance for the Sony Move, a Green
Bay Packers jersey and a pair of
black DC sneakers.
We will leave you some cookies
and chocolate milk.
Sincerely, Colby

Dear Santa
I would like a Barbie
Mermaid tale Barbie.
Age 6
Dear Santa,
I want DSI and Skylanders. Have a Merry Christmas. Love, Alex
Dear Santa,
I love you and you are
I would like a DSI and
John Deer trucks.
Love, Joshua
Dear Santa,
I want an Ipod 4th Genereation, a
Wii and 18 Wheels of Steel
Extreme Trucker 2.
Thank You, Jarod
Dear Santa,
It’s time for Christmas!
A skateboard and a flashlight.
Thanks Santa for a flashlight and a
skateboard. My little sister, Sadie,
would like a mitten and a teenager.
I would also like a stick so I could
play with Kuma. My dog Kuma
would like a bone, she would like it
to taste like ice cream. Kuma would
like a Christmas tree to pull on.
I would like a flashlight for mama
and daddy too. We will all have
flashlights. Who, who, who!
Please tell Rudolph please don’t cry
cause he’s sad about not getting to
play that game.
Love, Sam
Dear Santa,
New Bright Touch-screen, R/c Ford
track, pop cap big truck game, toy
Dodge van and GMC track and
vans and Ford Mustang and, track
tow and a trailer truck, Jet Blue
Angel SR/C, IPod, toy forklift, toy
plow truck, construction Depot,
classic car transport.
Dear Santa,
Hi I would like a Purple Princess
bike please! I’ve been a very good
girl all year. I eat all my vegetables,
use my manners and share when I
play with my friends at daycare.
Love, Maisie
Little Bear’s Childcare, Arrowsic
Dear Santa,
I really like playing dress-up with
Mommys clothes so please bring
me a Princess dress up trunk. I will
leave you a yummy whoopie pie
my grandmother makes and a big
glass of milk.
Love, Brooklyn
Little Bear’s Childcare, Arrowsic
Dear Santa,
I would like a Rock N Roll Mickey.
I dislike eating my vegetables, but I
am a very nice gentleman at daycare with all the girls.
Sure would be nice to have another
boy at daycare.
Love, Tucker
Little Bear’s Childcare, Arrowsic

Dear Santa,
Grampa said to please bring me a
new big box! I love to climb on top
and sit in with my baby and watch
my Elmo movie. A drum so I can
play loud music for Mommy! I will
help Nana and my Auntie Cassie
make yummy Christmas cookies
for you and I will leave all the reindeer carrots.
Love, Cleora
Little Bear’s Childcare, Arrowsic
Dear Santa,
My name is Gavynn and I am 6
years. My brother Brennan is 2.
We both have been good.
What I would like for Christmas is
Doctor Zombie Lab, Duck Hunter,
Vortex Nitron Blaster, Legos.
My brother would like a choo choo
and a Take n Play Mine run.
I will leave you cookies, milk, reindeer carrots.
Love, Gavynn, Brennan
Dear Santa Claus,
How are you? Well, I am fine.
This year I would like
Winter Play Tubes from Play-doh,
American Girl doll, Crackling Nail
polish kit, Monster High doll, All
Nick kit, Just Dance with dynomite
and the lazy song, a nick poster, a
rug with nick on it, video camera,
computer, desk, a sled that has Nick
on it, Elf on a Shelf, Easy Bake
Oven, a Babycakes donut maker.
I have been good this year and I am
a great reader.
I love you Santa,
Dear Santa,
I have been a good girl. This year
please bring me a furreal pup, a kidney for my daddy, a furreal cat, and
a glowing lamp. Thank you for my
Love, Gabby
Age 5
Dear Santa,
This year I want a Littlest Pet Shop
Jet, a Little Pet shop jaguar, and a
LPS horse. I would also like a more
powerful Beyblade with an arena.
And season 3 and Season 4 of Big
Bang Theory.
Love, Maggie
Age 7
Orr’s Island
P.S. I would also like my best
friends friendship back.

Dear Santa
good girl and this is sum of the
things that I would like to have,
Play-doh Doctor Drill and fill,
Bopit X+, Hedbandz, Soule-
Surfer, a electric scooter, gogo my
walkin pup, paper jamz pro mic,
monopoly electronic banking, jungl
speed, connect 4 launchers, Bob it
Bounce, Ants in the Pants, Cooties,
Don’t Break the Ice, Candyland.
Ceaira Rose
Dear Santa,
Hope you enjoyed this year. I have
been excellent. Santa please bring
me a remote controlled helicopter
and truck. Real tools just like my
daddy’s and legos. Please bring me
sister a doll. I will bake you cookies
and leave out carrots for your reindeer. Thank you so much. I love
Age 4 years
Dear Santa
Iama7yearoldgirlnamedArcadia Roxanne. I have been a very
good girl this year. This is what I
would like for Christmas.
Madame Alexander Favorite
Friends doll, A fancy hat, Bop It
X+, electric scooter, furreal friends,
Baby alive, Don’t break the Ice
game, Uno Roboto, Size 7-8 pants,
Baby Doll gift set, nice shirts, Barbie – Princess Doll and horse set.
Dear Santa,
My name is Zoe and I’m 4-1/2 and
I have been a very good girl this
year! Merry Christmas Here is my
A laptop
A computer
A big Barbie Car
A Nintendo Wii
A Big Car I can ride in
Roller Skates
Lots of Disney movies (DVD’s)
Dora Doll (Bid doll)
Nice Jewlery Box
“Wishing” Stars
DVD Player/VCR combo
2 Toy phones
A real cell phone
Huge Winnie The Pooh
Thank you for your
kindness and generosity

Dear Santa,
My name is Arien and I’m almost 7
(my birthday is 12/27). I have been
a very good girl this year, O Merry
My Wish List
A Big Barbie House
A car I can ride in
A house for Mommy and Daddy
A Nintendo Wii
Remote Control Car
Remote Control airplane
A big jewelry box
Nintendo D.S.
A Dora Doll that talks
An Angel doll that talks and is really shinny
A Santa Doll that moves and sings
A pet frog
A giant panda
Thank you for your
kindness and your generosity
Dear Santa Claus
Hi! My name is Kelly and I have
been very good this year. I would
like a new cell phone and a baby
puppy – chocolate lab for Christmas and music CDs of Journey and
Mariah Carey and Foreigner and all
of CDs of Elton John. I would like
different kinds of arts and crafts and
container with it full more chewing
gum and life savers and gummie
candy of different ones. Santa if
your sleigh is full of stuff don’t
worry about a puppy. Can you do
me one big thing and that is a lot of
money for pine tree camp and special Olympics in orono about
Sincerely, Kelly
Hello Santa,
I’ve had a wonderful and busy year.
Santa please bring me a fairy doll
house, pink bruin’s jersey and two
new sleds so I can share with my
brother. I will leave you cookies
and carrots for your reindeer. I love
you Santa. Thank you.
Age 1 year

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