Those fried-in-oil potato pancakes called latkes are a traditional, crispy-delicious Hanukkah treat. Serve them in style with the stainless steel potato pancake turner with “LATKE” laser-cut into its base. A terrific gift for the cook in the house or a holiday host, it’s dishwasher-safe. The latke server is $6.95 and may be purchased at



Holiday roasts may need a basting, deep kettles of soup a tasting. Yet kitchen spoons may lack a dip in the handle, which makes scooping liquid a challenge. Enter cookbook author Michael Ruhlman, who teamed with manufacturer/buddy Mac Dalton to make offset stainless steel spoons angled to make basting, tasting, skimming and saucing easier. Testers liked working with the spoons, available in small, medium and large. A three-spoon set is $27 at



No candy may say Christmas more than red-and-white peppermint candy canes. Crush then sprinkle them over white chocolate-coated crisp thin chocolate wafers and you have a can’t-stop-eating-’em holiday sweet. Just ask our tasters who loved the peppermint crunch cookies from Lands’ End. A 1-pound tin is $24.50 at Lands’ End shops in Sears or