PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A Philadelphia woman has avoided prison after admitting she posted a Facebook offer of $1,000 for someone to kill her baby’s father.

Nineteen-year-old London Eley pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count of conspiracy to commit murder and was immediately paroled on a 3- to 23-month sentence.

Investigators say Eley offered “a stack” — or $1,000 in street parlance — in return for the death of Corey White in May. Nineteen- year- old Timothy Bynum allegedly said he’d do it if she gave him the money first.

Bynum’s attorney rejected a similar deal, saying his client considered the post a joke and will go on trial in March.

White was fatally shot in August, but both Eley and Bynum were in custody at the time. Authorities say his death may have been drug-related.

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