BRUNSWICK — A cracked toilet bowl apparently extinguished a fire in a Perryman Drive apartment on Wednesday night, the Fire Department said, preventing the blaze from spreading throughout the building.

The four residents of the apartment where the fire started, however, were displaced from their home.

According to Deputy Chief Don Koslosky, the family members were downstairs watching TV when smoke detectors sounded. They called the Fire Department at 9:22 p.m.

Firefighters arrived to find heavy smoke billowing from the four-unit apartment building’s eaves. They encountered more smoke and heat as they made their way upstairs and into the bathroom, which appeared to be the source of the smoke.

Inside, they found a broken toilet and sink and concluded that the heat from fire had cracked the toilet bowl, drowning the flames and keeping the fire from spreading to the attic and into neighboring apartments.

Because the fire was contained, the residents of the building’s three other units were able to return to their apartments. But the Mid Coast Chapter of the American Red Cross assisted the family of four that lived in the apartment where the fire started.

Fire departments from Bath, West Bath, Topsham and Freeport also responded.

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