If you are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, low-fat, a raw foodist or follow a low-glycemic diet, chances are you’ll find something good in “The Healthy Voyager’s Global Kitchen: 150 Plant-Based Recipes from Around the World” by Carolyn Scott-Hamilton (Fair Winds Press, $19.99).

Scott-Hamilton (who is vegan), creator of the healthyvoyager.com website, takes you around the world with 150 plant-based recipes inspired by cuisines from Switzerland to Africa. Each chapter begins with cultural notes on the featured country, and there are “fun facts” about international food scattered throughout the book.

Scott-Hamilton’s recipes include fairly standard substitutions in vegetarian/vegan fare, such as making palak paneer, an Indian dish made with homemade cheese, with tofu instead of milk. But she also ventures beyond the usual Asian and African cuisines – Danish frikadeller, anyone? – and offers creative recipes for dishes such as crispy conch fritters. Instead of conch, she uses chopped oyster mushrooms and seaweed stock.

Many of the recipes do rely on popular shortcuts such as processed vegan chicken cutlets and vegan beef broth, but not all of them.

– Meredith Goad, Staff Writer


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