Cheverus holds National Honors Society inductions

PORTLAND — Cheverus High School recently announced that 52 students will be inducted into the National Honor Society on Jan. 29 at 6 p.m. in the Keegan Gymnasium at Cheverus High School, 267 Ocean Ave., Portland.

The following students have been admitted to the National Honors Society: Carolyne Obery, Emily Rodrigues, Paige Severance, Katilynn Roy, Forrest Smith, Zachary Walker-Elders, Elliot Maker, Anne Slattery, Spencer Cooke,
Galen Hand, Zeb Tarasevich, Allison Thomas, Tanyalak Vattanasil, Samantha SaVaun, Ryan Hoffman, Lauren Sansonetti, James Kapothanasis, Abigail Reuscher, Anastasia Swallow, Louis DiStasio, Harrison Ridge, Tessa Lindsley, Connor Pothier, Danielle Kane, Greta Niedermeyer, Andrew Cloutier, Isabella Grasso, Mino Para, Ian Lawson, Trebor Lawton, Maeve Bell, Gradeigh Cameron, Michael Lyons, Nathan Caso, Jamie Dulac, Kelsey Dulac, Reed Fernandez, Brooke Flaherty, Michael Flaherty, Michael Orne, Jinwoo Lee, Darby Rawcliffe, Greyson Potter, Matthew Cushing, Kevin Day, Natasha Locke, Daniel Peabody-Harringon, James Peabody-Harrington, Laura Peabody-Harrington, Emily Perry, Cynthia Clark and Connor Maines.

Local students Make Dean’s List

PORTLAND — The following Portland students have made the Dean’s List at their respective college or university: Melanie A. Peabody, Cazenovia College; Mollie Gunnoe, Messiah College; and Natacha Umurerwa Karambizi, Converse College.

Waynflete teacher working with NASA scientist

PORTLAND — Wendy Curtis, a teacher at the Waynflete School, will be doing research with Dr. Varoujan Gorgian as a part of the NASA/IPAC Teacher Archive Research Program.

The program partners professional scientists with high school teachers to carry out an original research project and present the results at the semi-annual meeting of the American Astronomical Society, the professional organization for astronomers in the United States.

After completing the program, teachers incorporate the experience into their classrooms and share the experience with other teachers. Following their second AAS meeting, all participant educators are required to conduct at least 12 hours of professional development in their schools and communities at the local, regional and national levels.

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