BATH — The City Council will continue discussion next week about a nonprofit corporation that would oversee and operate the former National Guard Armory.

The bylaws of the proposed entity – Bath Armory – were the topic of a council workshop Jan. 19 after discussion was tabled at a Jan. 4 regular meeting.

An order that would rescind creation of the corporation was also tabled on Jan. 4 to the council’s next regular meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 1.

If that order fails, the vote on the bylaws would go to the City Council’s March meeting, City Manager Bill Giroux said Monday.

At last week’s workshop the council asked City Solicitor Roger Therriault to develop a document describing the corporation’s duties and powers.

“The bylaws are supposed to call out how the board functions; how it does its business,” Giroux said. “Who’s on the board, what are their terms, when are the meetings, what’s their authority, what do they need for a quorum?”

The powers and duties, a separate document, will describe matters like “who’s going to manage the building, who’s going to be in charge of maintenance, when a tenant has an issue, who do they talk to?,” Giroux said.

Last month the council supported borrowing $308,000 for a basic renovation of the armory, now owned by the city. It also favored the Old Brunswick Road building becoming the next home of the Bath Youth Meetinghouse and Skatepark.

The City Council voted 5-4 last month to establish a city-owned corporation to operate the armory. It was a last-minute addition to the agenda.

Councilor Mari Eosco sponsored the measure that would rescind the order creating the corporation. She said earlier this month that she is opposed to “the process that we’ve gone through thus far. I feel like we were blindsided at the last meeting … some people knew about it coming in, some of us didn’t. We didn’t have time to talk about it, (and) research it.”

The Feb. 1 meeting will be held at City Hall at 6 p.m.

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