Maine businessman Dodge Morgan circumnavigated the globe in American Promise, departing from Portland on Oct. 14, 1985. Here is a selected snapshot of his journey from his book, “The Voyage of American Promise”:

Day 12: American Promise needs repairs; departs anew on Nov. 12, 1985

Day 17: Doldrums

Day 19: Crosses equator

Day 30: Horse latitudes

Day 44: Passes south of Cape of Good Hope

Day 52: Morgan falls overboard

Day 64: Hits whale

Day 67: Gets jib halyard parts

Day 76: Halfway — south of Tasmania

Day 104: Tropical cyclone Ima

Day 108: Rounds Cape Horn

Day 135: Crosses equator on return leg

Day 145: He “ties the knot,” closing the loop on his outgoing route

Day 150: Arrives home — April 11, 1986