I believe everything connects to customer service. I am a student of the culinary arts program at Bath Regional Career and Technical Center.

The culinary arts program has opened a café in the morning on Tuesday and in the afternoon on Wednesday. The morning café goes from 9 to 10 a.m. and the afternoon café goes from noon to 1 p.m.

The café teaches the students a lot about real life customer service. This is my first year in the program and have learned a lot. The hardest and most important thing to learn is time management. When making food for the public you have to be aware of what they ordered, when they ordered, and how long it will take to make the order.

If someone has to wait a long time for their food they may walk out or might not come back again. People like to feel welcome and not have to worry about how long their food will take.

The students get to see how it is to be working in the kitchen and how it is to be on the floor and working with the public. Communication is a big deal when running a cafe. If the kitchen doesn’t know what is happening then the kitchen could fall behind. The people on the floor also needs to keep the orders in order to make it easier for the kitchen to get the orders completed. When people are done eating we have to clear the table and reset it so more people can come in and eat.

I have learned how to make eggs. People like their eggs made differently. When making eggs the heat can’t be up too high or the whites will cook and possibly burn before the yokes are fully cooked. Before the café I thought that crepes and pancakes were the same but they are different. With crepes, the ingredients are different. You don’t add leaveners, therefore it won’t rise. When you pour the batter into the pan you have to spread it evenly. With pancakes, you add a leavener. Pancakes have baking powder and that makes it rise. You don’t have to spread the batter around in the pan.

Muffins have a leavener. Baking powder is added to help rise. Portion is a major thing to keep the same when making muffins. Bread is more complicated to make. After mixing the ingredients together you have to let the dough sit and rise before baking the dough.

A big thing to make sure is correct is the menu. People like to have a variety of different foods so they can have what they want. People like to have a complete meal.

If I didn’t convince you then come see for yourself. We will be waiting and welcoming all people to our cafe.

Krystal Gillison is a first-year student at Bath Regional Career and technical Center.

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