A quick break from the Republican State Convention to relay a statement from independent candidate for U.S. Senate Angus King . . .

King, who resides in Brunswick, weighed in on the controversy between Rep. Alex Cornell du Houx, also of Brunswick, and Rep. Erin Herbig, of Belfast. Herbig this week secured a temporary court protection-from-abuse order and her allegations against du Houx, her former boyfriend, are being investigated by the Maine State Police.  

King, in a written statement, said that "Cornell du Houx represents my district in Brunswick and has done so effectively and I also admired his service to the country in our armed forces. For these reasons, Mary and I were happy to support his last campaign. I am surprised and saddened to hear about these allegations because domestic violence is never acceptable under any circumstances." 

At a glance it may seem curious that King would comment on this controversy. However, King has been supporter of Cornell du Houx. In 2010, King appeared in a television ad supporting Cornell du Houx when the young lawmaker found himself in a tough three-way re-election bid during which Green Independent Fred Horch was splitting the progressive vote (Cornell du Houx eventually won with 37 percent of the vote; Horch had 32 percent; Republican Jonathan Crimmins finished with 27 percent).

 Here’s the ad:  

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