Regarding the April 22 Another View, “Editorial off the mark in support of wind power,” I feel compelled to point out the misinformation that the author is attempting to pass off as fact.

Wind power is not bad for the environment. Wind power won’t produce any pollution — today, tomorrow or over the next 10 years or 20 years. Wind energy creates no hazardous waste and uses virtually no water. These advantages are beneficial to wildlife and are not shared by any nonrenewable energy source.

Contrary to the author’s claim, wind does reduce carbon emissions, dramatically. Keeping a fossil-fueled power plant around so that it can provide capacity for a few hours of backup per year has almost zero impact on carbon emissions.

What creates those emissions is when fossil fuel plants operate 24/7 to provide all the power necessary for a utility system, and that is the main type of operation that wind plants replace.

In many parts of the U.S., wind energy is displacing significant amounts of coal generation. While natural gas prices have fallen significantly in the U.S. recently, coal prices have generally remained high, making coal power plants often the first to be turned off as wind power is added to the grid.

Wind energy is a minor contributor to human-caused bird fatalities, considering that U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service data shows annual bird deaths to range anywhere from 97 million to 976 million from crashing into buildings, 60 million from vehicles, and up to 2 million from oil and wastewater pits.

Wind power is an all-American success story that is generating jobs, private-sector investment and clean, affordable energy all across the United States. Let wind finish the job.

Christy Omohundro is regional representative in the East for the American Wind Energy Association.