Macarons have taken the stage as a favorite treat in this country during the past few years, following in the footsteps of Paris and Milan. Now you can make “authentically French” versions with the 22 recipes in “Sweet Macarons: Delectable French Confections for Every Day” by Jacqueline Mercorelli, aka Mercotte. (Taunton Press, $14.95).

The book, translated into English for the first time, will take you step by step through violet macarons, fennel and star anise macarons, and macarons with curry and piment d’Espelette. There are lots of tips and tricks included for macaron novices.

If you’re an adventurous baker, you might like to try the Asian-style macarons made with black sesame and adzuki beans with matcha. Yes, they are black. If you’re drawn to more traditional flavors, the macarons with spices and candied ginger or the vanilla-cardamom macarons might be more up your Parisian alley.