Glen Fillion used a 7-iron to ace the 173-yard fourth hole at Martindale Country Club on May 6. He was playing with Audrey Fillion, Sam Evrard and Carmen Evrard.

Bill Muller aced the 175-yard fifth hole with a 7-iron at Falmouth Country Club on Friday. The shot was witnessed by Ron Lehr, Jeff Raymond and John Hammontree.

Joe Pratico used a 6-iron to make a hole-in-one on the 165-yard 11th hole at Toddy Brook Golf Course on Sunday. The shot was witnessed by Dennis Hersom.

Rich Tubbs scored a hole-in-one Sunday on the 11th hole at Sable Oaks Golf Club.

He used a 9-iron for the 155-yard shot, which was witnessed by Ken Tubbs.