“CHRONICLE,” starring Dane DeHaan and Alex Russell. Ambitious sleeper hit takes the now commonplace “found footage” sub-genre to new heights, unfolding the compelling tale of downtrodden teen Andrew and his quest for revenge upon acquiring super-powers following a supernatural encounter in a cave. Director Josh Trank (“The Kill Point”) wisely keeps things more contained than your average “super-powers run amok” flick, making a concentrated effort to imagine what a real teen might do with such abilities, and the results make for quality teen angst and sci-fi alike. A left-field hit with more than its share of intriguing ideas. Special features include deleted scenes. Rated PG-13. Running time: 1:24

Suggested retail price: $29.98; Blu-ray $39.99

“THE GREY,” starring Liam Neeson and Dermont Mulroney. Much more than “that one with Liam Neeson and all the wolves,” this relentlessly dark survival thriller indeed pits Neeson and company against a pack of bloodthirsty wolves following a plane crash in the middle of Alaska. But writer-director Joe Carnahan (“Smokin’ Aces”) abandons the self-aware, ultra-cool violence that mars his usual output and delivers an unflinching look at what little separates man and beast when the chips are down. Yet another successful attempt to establish Neeson as an action hero, and a hands-down career high for Carnahan. Rated R. Running time: 1:57

Suggested retail price: $29.98; Blu-ray $34.98

“ONE FOR THE MONEY,” starring Katherine Heigl and Jason O’Mara. The normally chilly Heigl surprises here as Stephanie Plum, the plucky and popular protagonist of Janet Evanovich’s best-selling line of mystery novels. Portraying a lingerie buyer-turned-bail bondswoman, Heigl handles both guns and one-liners with aplomb, taking on a gang of ruthless criminals, a treacherous ex-boyfriend and her well-meaning but irritating family without missing a beat. Rated PG-13. Running time: 1:31

Suggested retail price: $29.95; Blu-ray $39.99

“HELL ON WHEELS: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON,” starring Anson Mount and Common. Concerning former confederate soldier Cullen Bohannan and his single-minded quest for revenge against the Union soldiers who killed his wife, this gritty AMC series should handily please fans of such series as “Deadwood” and “Justified,” doing little to add variety to the genre but perfectly entertaining and well-made nonetheless. Not rated; contains language, violence and sexual content. Running time: 7:30

Suggested retail price: $39.98; Blu-ray $44.98

“MICHAEL,” starring Michael Fuith and David Rauchenberger. Purposefully mundane and thus devastatingly believable, this cold and unavoidably difficult to watch character study concerns Michael (Fuith), an unremarkable-seeming insurance agent, and Wolfgang (newcomer Rauchenberger, astounding in a heartbreaking role), the 10-year-old boy locked in his basement. More disturbing for what it doesn’t show, “Michael” avoids sensationalism and simply presents a unthinkable situation, offering the viewer no answers or comfort. Virtually no replay value, but “Michael” deserves to be seen for the extraordinary performances of the two leads alone. Not rated; contains language and disturbing sexual content. Running time: 1:36

Suggested retail price: $27.99

“RAMPART,” starring Woody Harrelson and Robin Wright. Compelling if flawed character study gives the game-as-ever Harrelson a chance to flex his acting muscles as Dave, an LAPD officer with more than a few morally dubious decisions on his hands. As is to be expected, Harrelson handily carries the film but receives stellar support from the likes of Ben Foster, Sigourney Weaver and Ned Beatty. Rated R for pervasive language, sexual content and some violence. Running time: 1:48

Suggested retail price: $28.99; Blu-ray $29.99


“BEING JOHN MALKOVICH,” starring John Cusack and John Malkovich. Still one of the most purely creative movies ever made more than a decade later, this cult hit from the can’t-miss partnership of director Spike Jonze and Charlie Kaufman concerns a portal in a nondescript Manhattan office that just so happens to teleport all who enter into the brain of beloved character actor John Malkovich, with all the inspired lunacy that particular situation would seem to promise. Intelligent, mindbending fun of the highest order, and handsomely presented in the Criterion Collection with a behind-the-scenes documentary and a conversation between Malkovich and humorist John Hodgman. Rated R for language and disturbing content. Running time: 1:52

Suggested retail price: $39.95

“WALKING TALL: THE TRILOGY,” starring Joe Don Baker and Bo Svenson. As ridiculous as they are entertaining, these 1970s drive-in standbys serve to prove that are no conflicts so complex that they can’t be immediately solved by finding yourself a big ol’ stick and nailing somebody in the head with it. And that’s exactly what no-nonsense Sheriff Buford Pusser (alternately portrayed by the always intimidating Baker and the less so Svenson) sets out to do. Rated R. Running time: 5:45

Suggested retail price: $34.93


“ALBERT NOBBS,” starring Glenn Close and Janet McTeer. While it’s doubtful we needed a helpful reminder that part-time Mainer Glenn Close is one of the most talented actresses on the planet, this outstanding period piece from director Rodrigo Garcia (“In Treatment”) may surprised even her most ardent fans. Close very convincingly portrays “Albert,” a butler working in a 19th-century Dublin hotel who happens to be a woman posing as a man, as otherwise she would not be able to land a job anywhere near as financially stable. While this pays the bills, there is very little happiness in sight for Albert until she makes the acquaintance of Hubert (McTeer), a painter who also happens to be a woman masquerading as a man, and an unsteady but beneficial friendship ensues. Rated R. Running time: 1:53

Suggested retail price: $27.98; Blu-ray $39.99

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