With unofficial summer arriving this weekend along with lots of warm weather, what better time to think about seasonal treats? Forget those sugary freezer pops this year and experiment a little with some healthier alternatives — or just let your inner pop designer go wild.

“Pops! Icy Treats for Everyone” by Krystina Castella (Quirk Books, $15.95) will give you more than 100 ideas and detailed instructions. Some of the pops in the book are a little complicated, like the layered carrot and wheatgrass pops that actually contain peeled and diced carrots, or the mint tea pops that are bedded with edible flowers, but they still sound delicious.

The book is divided into Healthy Energy Pops (honeydew melon pops, banana and date pops); Fruit Juice Pops (tangerine and blood orange pops); Soda Fountain Pops (root beer float pops); Cream and Pudding Pops (blueberry cheesecake pops); and Coffee and Tea Pops (spiced orange coffee pops and masala chai tea pops).

There are a couple of recipes in the book that are just weird. I’m not sure how many people will actually want to eat a frozen basmati rice pudding pop. (Yes, it has rice in it, as well as raisins and pine nuts.) And I think I’d rather have my apple cider hot rather than in a mulled cider and walnuts frozen pop. Still, there are great ideas here for folks who plan to spend their summer getting creative in the kitchen.

– Meredith Goad, Staff Writer